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Rachel Huang has been a violinist and violist for 40 years, and has taught violin/viola for fifteen of those years. She also sings, plays guitar and bass, and is a composer/lyricist. Rachel studied viola and music education at the University of Northern Colorado. She has played viola for the Community Women’s Orchestra in Oakland (one of only a handful of all-female orchestras in the world), the Castro Valley Chamber Orchestra, the Awesome Orchestra and the Temple Hill Orchestra, as well as fiddling for bands such as Placenta! (punk/metal), the Country Women’s Opry, the Timothy Hicks Appreciation Society (acoustic psychedelic experimental) and Buttermilk (Bluegrass meets Indian Bhajans). Rachel has also jammed on viola with members of such diverse bands as Machine Head, High on Fire, Green Day, MDC, The Family Stone, and The United States of America.

While emphasizing technique, ear training, music theory and classical repertoire, Rachel also adds in fiddling, jamming, chord shapes, modes, basic composition, a smattering of rock-and-roll---and hopefully a little bit of fun!