George Curtis Van Liew

George Curtis Van Liew started playing the Trumpet in 3rd grade. He started taking private lessons one year earlier than most schools allow students to join concert band so that when he entered 4th grade he could skip the beginning band and move right up to the intermediate level. George stayed in this grade school band through his high school years to help keep the band going. A few years later, George was offered the position as the Teacher of the band he had played in for more than 8 years. He has gone on to run music programs at four different schools around Contra Costa County and continues to teach Music and Art to students and adults. He composes music for a local high school orchestra where they commission and perform his pieces twice a year. George has also been teaching the art of Watercolor for years and is one of his favorite hobbies.


Method to the Melody

Hey everyone this is George Curtis Van Liew here! This channel will teach you how to start playing all your band instruments. Have fun!