Gabe grew up in Berkeley, CA. After a brief career playing french horn (4th - 6th grade), he abandoned the instrument in favor of another - the infamous 5 string banjo. A ragtime song called “hoop-e-kack” piqued his interest in the banjo, and when his grandpa mailed him an old banjo from his attic in Massachusetts, things only got worse from there! 5 years of bluegrass banjo lessons, numerous friendships, piles of broken strings and countless irritated neighbors later, Gabe is still gleefully hacking away at his old banjo (Now nicknamed “ilinx” after the term for a pleasant change in one’s mood). Anyone with even a hint of interest in banjo is well advised to inquire about lessons with Gabe, who wants to spread the love of music and help people find their own voice on the banjo.