Doug Wendt

Doug earned his B.A. in Guitar Performance from California State University of the East Bay (CSUEB).  Also an experienced chef, including over ten years as sous-chef at Walnut Creek's top class Italian Restaurant "Prima,"  Doug decided to make his part time music activities into a full time career about ten years ago. As a classical guitarist, Doug has worked and performed extensively with Gordon Rowland of Check Gordon's website for public performances and workshops throughout the year. Doug has maintained a long time collaboration with vocalist Tré Taylor including their current jazz quintet "Dangerous Martini."  Earlier bands with Tré included, "Soul Attraction," a 10-piece R&B soul band, and "Earl Slide Ride," featuring Motown and Blues. Doug's new wife, Deborah Kuhl, (singer, songwriter, pianist), who regularly performs a repertoire of French music, borrows Doug on occasion and featured both Doug and Gordon Rowland on her CD, Carte Postale. A member of the Armando's Martinez family , Doug shows up regularly to perform at their jam nights including jazz, blues, open mic and bluegrass.