Dan started playing music some 25 years ago. In fifth grade he joined the School band playing trumpet. His love for music soon found him playing guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, harmonica, and voice. Dan never gave up on the trumpet though, by high school he was playing lead trumpet in the jazz band as well as concert band. Meanwhile he was playing in bands outside of school--performing covers and originals--he discovered the joy of composition. After high school, Dan attended UCSD where he majored in political science. Though not a music major, Dan earned a considerable number of credits studying at the Department of Music at UC San Diego. Today Dan is an avid musician in the Bay Area music scene where he has performed with and composed for groups such as The Pundits, Two Left Feet, No Regrets, and The Undercovers. Currently Dan writes and performs with The Whoa http://www.thewhoaband.com Dan has been teaching music for 10 years and writes, "My favorite part of music is songwriting and I love to help students go in that direction if it interests them."