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At Rockin' Robbie's we have a patient, talented, and dedicated teaching staff. We offer lessons for guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, drums, all the band and orchestra instruments as well as voice. Our instructors work with beginners, advanced students and everyone in between; children and adults are welcome! Our teachers cover every genre, from Rock, Pop, Classical, Blues, Jazz, you name it. Just drop us a line and we'll match you with the right teacher.

Rockin' Robbie's Teachers

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Ukulele Club is a fun, low-key way to learn the Ukulele. The Beginner Class is all about learning the basics in a no-stress, non-judgmental environment. Folks that have never played before, or might feel a little bashful about playing in front of others will feel very comfortable in this class. The Intermediate Class is full of folks who most likely went through the Beginner Class, but have mastered some key skills that made it necessary to add another class. However, we still encourage the intermediates to come to the beginner class to help be supportive. We also invite the beginners to the Intermediate class to see what's next. Both classes are included in the tuition.

Ukulele Classes - $50 per month - Every Saturday

9AM - Beginning Ukulele - Never played before? Join us!

10AM - Intermediate Ukulele - Bored with the 9AM Class?

11AM - Ukulele Club Jam! - $5 At the Door - All are welcome

$50 Tuition gets you access to the 9AM & 10AM Classes.