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Rockin' Robbie's Instrument Rental Contract Terms

1. There is a 3 to 6 month minimum on all rentals. At the end of the initial rental period, the contract converts to a month-to-month agreement. From this time onward, the renter will receive a rental charge each month. This charge will be issued on or around the day of the month that the rental began (e.g. if the rental began on the 14th of a certain month, the charges will be issued on or around the 14th of each month going forward) until the merchandise is returned.

2. It is mandatory to have at least one credit card on file. The credit card on file will be used to pay for the initial advance payment, as well as for the automatic monthly charges once the rental contract converts to month-to-month. If your card is cancelled or any information changes (such as expiration date, V-Code or billing address), please call Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. to update your billing information.

3. Upon returning the instrument, if the renter wishes to purchase an instrument of the same type, 60% of the on-time monthly payments, before sales tax, may apply towards that purchase. Late payments will not be counted. This percentage is used toward the MSRP value of the instrument and may pay for up to 75% of the instrument’s purchase price (at least 25% of the purchase price must be paid using an alternate form of payment such as cash or credit).


1. Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. has a professional repair technician on site. If damages or any technical malfunctions occur, it is understood that the instrument is to be brought to Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. by the renter. Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. covers the cost of general maintenance and normal wear and tear. The renter is responsible for damages resulting from impact, neglect or improper use of the instrument.

2. In order to ensure quality, all instruments must go through our repair shop between renters. If the Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. staff or the repair technician determines that a charge is necessary, Rockin’ Robbie’s, Inc. will contact the renter to collect payment. Please note that due to the extraordinary volume of instruments returned during certain seasons, it can take up to several months for us to examine the instrument and contact the renter.