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lesson Policy Agreement

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Please be aware that by attending lessons at Rockin' Robbie's School of Music, all students (or parents, in the case of a student under the age of 18) agree to abide by the following studio policies: Tuition: The initial payment of first month's tuition is necessary to reserve a weekly lesson time. Payment does NOT guarantee makeup lessons, or other lessons outside of regularly scheduled lesson times, as indicated below. Tuition for a given month is due in full on the 1st of that month. Students are responsible for all monthly tuition fees incurred from the lesson start date (as indicated below) until 30 days after written cancellation notice is received. Tuition is always non-refundable, even in the case of mid-month cancellations or emergency absences. 24-Hour Cancellation Notice: No make-up lessons, refunds, or pro-rating will be given for lessons missed without a t least 24 hours notice (by email or by phone) prior to the scheduled lesson time. Make-up Lessons: Notification of absence does NOT guarantee a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons will be subject to the availability of the instructor & studio. Make-up lessons cannot be scheduled more than 10 days in advance. All make-up lessons must occur no more than 30 days after initial absence. There can be no more than 2 make-up lessons in any given month, and a total of no more than 8 in an entire year. Notification of vacations must be at least 30 days in advance. Emergencies: In the case of unforeseen circumstances when 24 hour cancellation notice is not possible, tuition remains non-refundable. Make-up lessons may be offered at the discretion of Rockin' Robbie's School of Music and subject to instructor & studio availability. No more than 2 emergency make-up lessons will be offered per year. Instructors: Students enroll with Rockin' Robbie's School of Music, not individual instructors. Students may not solicit instructors for teaching outside of the Rockin' Robbie's School of Music studio. Rockin' Robbie's School of Music reserves the right to change instructors temporarily (i.e. hire a substitute) or permanently. In the rare occasion that an instructor is not available for a regularly scheduled lesson time, an alternative time will be arranged, or tuition fees will be refunded. Withdrawal: 15-day notice is required to withdraw from lessons. Rockin' Robbie's School of Music requires a written cancellation notice at least 15 days prior the final month of scheduled lessons. CANCELLATION NOTICES MUST BE VIA EMAIL ONLY, TO THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, NOT TO THE INSTRUCTOR. Oral notice of cancellation is not valid via phone or in person. Students are responsible for prorated tuition fees for up to 30 days after the date of cancellation email. Tuition payment is never refunded for discontinuing lessons mid-month. Missed lessons not already made-up will not be refundable upon withdrawal.
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