Rockin' Robbie's Instrument Rentals

We rent instruments of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in Band and Orchestra instruments for the schools, however, we're not opposed to renting just about anything. We rent instruments around the entire Bay Area. From San Leandro to Oakland, Richmond to Brentwood, no city is too far away. We have an ever expanding inventory and it changes on a daily basis, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just drop us an email or give us a call, chances are, we have it. If you know what you'd like to rent, just follow the link below. You can see the rates, pay for your rental, then we'll schedule a date and time to pick up your instrument.

The Quick Details

  • 3-month minimum on all rentals
  • After the 3 month minimum, the rental agreement becomes month-to-month
  • 60% of on-time payments can be applied to purchase of an instrument of the same type (up to 75% of the manufacturer's retail price)

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Rental Warranty

Your rental instrument from Rockin' Robbie's is guaranteed to meet or exceed performance expectations for the duration of your contract. Given that, normal wear and tear is inevitable and is at no cost to you. Under the conditions that the repair shop would determine damage was caused by misuse or poor handling, the charges would fall outside of the "normal wear and tear" guideline. We understand instruments are machines and tools, and we are humans and things can happen. We're never judgmental, we fix instruments, not blame. Please don't hesitate to keep communication lines open. 

In the Event of Damage

Don't panic, we're here for you. The repair shop is one of the most reasonable in the land and we have a great reputation in the Bay Area. If there is a problem, please don't hesitate to bring in the instrument and have the technician examine it. We require that you bring rental instruments to Rockin' Robbie's for repairs, other repair shops are NOT AUTHORIZED to repair Rockin' Robbie's rental instruments. There is one exception, if you rented your instrument from Winds & Brass in Berkeley, they will be happy to fix anything that might go wrong with your rental instrument. We do our best to outline "care & feeding" and are always available to answer questions about the best care for your instrument. Even with our best intentions and utmost care, sometimes accidents happen and repairs become necessary, that's OK. Let us know, we're happy to help.

We Succeed When You Do!

We are all musicians and educators here at Rockin' Robbie's and our first goal is to make sure your student has an awesome experience in band or orchestra. In order to ensure that, we make sure the parent also has an awesome experience.

Check out our Education page for valuable information regarding instrument maintenance. 

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