Saturday Ukulele Club

9am - 10am - Beginning Ukulele Class

This class is for absolute beginners. Learn in a friendly, no-stress environment with other folks who are just starting out. The tuition is only $50 per month, which works out to about $12.50 per class. Call or stop by and see if Beginning Ukulele Class is right for you.

10am - 11am - Intermediate Ukulele Class

Students that build up their confidence in the beginning class are welcomed into the intermediate class when they feel they've got the basics down and want to dive a little deeper. Here we'll be learning new chords, strumming patterns, and songs. Tuition is still $50 per month. Call or stop by to see if Intermediate Ukulele Class is right for you.

11am - 12pm - Ukulele Club Jam

Already been playing the Uke for a while and know some songs? Would you rather just get together with other folks and Jam? Then Ukulele Club Jam is right for you. Ukulele Club Jam includes many former students from the Uke classes as well as local musicians who just like to hang out and play some songs. Feel free to drop in for this one. $5 at the door.